[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Can a mattress be cleaned?”]

Yes, mattresses can and should be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup of contaminants including dead skin, allergens, stains, odors, etc.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”How often should my mattress be cleaned?”]

At least once a year for regular maintenance. However, if you sleep with pets or have allergies or asthma we recommend 2x or more to maintain a significantly low level of irritants in your mattress. In the event of stains or odors we can have your mattress cleaning scheduled as soon as possible to reduce the chance of it setting in.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Are there any harmful chemicals involved in the process?”]

We use no harmful chemicals in our cleaning process to ensure that it’s safe for our customers that utilize our service.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Is the process harmful for my mattress?”]

The process has been used on many types of mattresses including old and new, inner spring, memory foam, gel, and vinyl mattresses.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Where do you take the mattress?”]

Our process is mobile and performed outside your residence or facility.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Are their dust mites in my mattresses?”]

Most likely yes, there are mites in over 95% of mattresses and many with high enough concentrations to cause allergic reactions in people who never exhibited any allergic tendencies.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”How long do I have to wait for the mattress to dry?”]

Another thing that sets our service apart from others is that your mattress is dry and ready for your new linen at the completion of our service.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Do you clean mattress stains?”]

Yes, we provide a spot pre-treatment service that has been successful with a wide variety of stains and odors. Lean more about these services here.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Do we have to bring the mattress to Clean Sleep location?”]

We come to you and service your mattress in our Clean Sleep machine outside your residence or facility.



[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Do I really need to replace my mattress after 8 years?”]

This is a loaded question in the mattress industry. If you are not experiencing any sleep discomfort due to mattress structural issues we may be able to save you a lot of money by sanitizing your existing mattress. This will freshen your mattress by removing the buildup of dead skin, bacteria and odors which allow extended use of your mattress by implementing regular maintenance.