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Our Patented Cleaning Process

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Ultra Violet Light



Dry Steam






Ozone Generation



Infrared Heat


We Come to You

Don’t worry about having to haul your mattress somewhere to be cleaned.

Once your appointment is scheduled, we will arrive at your location to clean and sanitize your mattress on site.  We provide a courtesy heads up call within an hour of your appointment window to let you know we’re en route.

What We Ask of You

We try to provide our services to you as convenient as possible.  No heavy lifting on your part, leave that to us.  However, there are a few things we recommend be done or started just prior to our arrival.

  • Remove all linen from mattresses and launder
  • Clear any obstructions that would obstruct transport of the mattress outside

It’s that easy.

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Commercial Process


We work with a variety of commercial clients for their high-volume mattress sanitation needs.  Coordination must on multiple levels in order to ensure there is no disruption to business as a result of our presence at a facility.

Emergency Service

Issues happen, let us be there to help get your room back in service for it’s intended use.  Give us a call and we can usually resolve mattress-related issues within 24hrs.


High occupancy facilities manage fast-paced schedules while juggling guests, tenants, and residents simultaneously.  Service technicians arrive at your facility ahead of time and prepared for the project at hand.


A single Clean Sleep Machine may service over 30 mattresses in a single 8 hour day.  Strategies have been implemented with existing commercial customers that provides cleaning service of large volume at in a short period whereas other clients have preferred to have their mattresses cleaned over a period of months.

Logging & Data Collection for Furniture Asset Management

We monitor and track our cleaning services by room to build a maintenance database that could be utilized to track asset performance throughout the useful life of the mattresses.

Incidental Inspections

By nature of our service involving handling the mattress, we scan each mattress thoroughly as we service them.  This provides an opportunity for surface inspections that have in some cases uncover an issue that hasn’t escalated enough to be noticed by management.  These inspections provide opportunities for the facility to engage in a proactive instead of reactive approach towards quality presentation and positive reputation.

Whether the size or scope of the project.  Contact Clean Sleep to see how we can help your facility become Clean Sleep Certified.